8/19/16 — Change Log

  • Chat stats is a tool to gain insight into your community. Some dank features that you receive are commands, hashtags, twitch emotes, bttv emotes and, who talks the most in your chat. Check it out
  • Asset Manager has a new design and will allow you to upload video files.
  • Activity Feed now supports bits.
  • Dashboard Sidebar has a new page called chatstats. This will allow you to change the settings on your public chatstats.
  • New Widget called countdown is an accurate timer. It can help you count down to any special event.
  • Overlay Editor on the sidebar under graphics section and audio section. You now have the ability to upload from the asset manager.
  • Our Developers, are hard at work improving the bot.

If you would like something on our platform or that we could improve on reach out to us. [email protected]