Becoming a Twitch Affiliate and Partner guide

Passion and struggle explains the road to Twitch Affiliate then on to Twitch Partner.

Remember you just hit “New Game” on what you want to do in life. There will be plenty of ups and downs. Being a part time or full time streamer is not as easy as it looks, but I will give you some Kismet tips to speed you along the path.

I found it was best to break down the big dream of being a professional streamer down into three things:

  1. Smaller goals.
  2. Community building.
  3. Stream quality.

Start by setting your Affiliate Stream Goals, put them in your info section down below your stream. Keep them in mind every day.

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate

The requirements to become a Twitch affiliate are:

  • At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days
  • At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days
  • At least 50 Followers

Let’s break it down to how I achieved each of these criteria.

Get 50 Followers

So how do you get 50 Followers? First & foremost, play games you enjoy! Then get to know and raid people who are part of the same community as you. Have a consistent brand name across all of your social media channels. Interact with people on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites. Social media can lead to people pressing the follow button, so they can check you out the next time you go live.

You must use a loyalty system, it’s a crucial feature for increasing engagement and loyalty. StreamElements Loyalty system includes stream currency, leaderboard, stream store, contest and giveaways - everything you need and then some.

Stream for 500 minutes within 30 days / at least 7 unique broadcasts: Stream consistently so your community knows when you’re on - put a schedule down below your stream.

I suggest to stream at least a minimum of two hours each time. If you stream each time for at least two hours for 7 unique streams thats way more then enough with over 800 minutes in 30 days. Keeping track on how you’re doing can be time consuming, but StreamElements Stream Reports are sent to your email after every stream, eliminating all hassle involved.

Concurrent viewership of 3: Interaction is the key to keep your viewers interested. Ask how they are doing and if they like your content. Encourage respectful feedback and instant ban trolls, they are not worth your time.

Communicate to your family and friends this is what you want to do. Invite them to come watch and press the follow button to spread the word. Most people do not “get it”, they do not need to understand to still support your passion.

Now that you have become an Affiliate how do you get to Partner?

This table sums up the difference between regular/Affiliate/Partner:

Now, that is quite a step up.

It was a long struggle for me personally, took me over two years from dreaming of being a partnered streamer to achieving that big goal. It is also important to know Twitch Partnership is just the starting line for your professional streaming career.

Step one to Twitch Partnership

When you are denied by Twitch hit “Reply” and ask how you could improve your stream. I have been denied countless times, but after learning this at TwitchCon it helped me focus on the important goals to inch me closer to partner. Keep sending in your application and asking how can I improve as a streamer each time. Then shift and improve your stream toward that next goal.

Keep improving on the quality of your stream.

I would have bot issues, sound issues, overlays and donations not showing up or sources would get messed up. Sometimes I would completely lose internet connection. I was using up to 25 various bots, 100 sources in OBS and other programs running in the background. It took a ton of resources from my computer plus a ton of my time just to keep it running. Moving all my setup to StreamElements helped me condense all of these to one tool. Not only does it make it easier on you, but makes your stream look more professional.

Use the tools to constantly be iterating on your stream overlays, graphics and quality of presentation to your community. Add features and interactive elements that help entertain and connect you to your audience. Some interactive tools to explore are StreamElements Kappagen, HypeCup and Alertbox - Try them out!

Be social and learn from others.

Keep expanding your audience and network with other streamers in your community. Also be an avid watcher of Twitch, not just for the gameplay, but how the person interacts in stream. What do their overlays look like? What about their panels down below the stream? What do they do on Social media & website? Do not copy from, but learn from others. Then create your own personal style that sets you apart from everyone else.

It is most important to know that most people don’t have instant success. I set my original goal for two to five years. Not only are you trying to improve your stream quality, but your ability as a streamer. That partnership is out there waiting for you, now all you have to do is have enough passion and knowledge to carry you there.

I wish you a great journey!

- Kismet
🎨 Artist & 🕹 Gamer

👾 Twitch Partner:
🐲 Leader & Founder of one of the longest running gaming guilds “Kismet, Ring of Destiny”

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