Check Your Stockings, We Got Goodies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you’ll want to check your stockings, because StreamElements left some really awesome goodies.

Our holiday gifts include:

  • Xmas SuperTheme: A red, green and gold theme, decked out with presents and twinkling lights (not included: your ugly Christmas sweater). Available with animated or static overlays.
  • Sleigh Ride SuperTheme: A winter wonderland theme featuring snowy hills, an open sleigh and Mr. Frosty.
  • “Let it snow” widget: Add a snow effect to any overlay. Customize amount, size, speed and color of snowflakes.
  • “Holiday decorations” widget: More than 30 holiday-inspired images and animations you can add to any overlay and customize to your liking.
  • KappaGen Christmas hats: Make all your Emots wear Christmas hats!
  • GiftCup: a special holiday cup with unique bits included, shiny!

We don’t come just bearing gifts, we also have helpful tips on how to use them.

Both SuperThemes are located in our Themes Gallery, and you’ll find Holiday decorations, Let it snow, GiftCup and KappaGen hats under “Widgets” in your Overlay editor.

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Holiday SuperThemes are here!

In case you never used them before, StreamElements SuperThemes are a set of ready-to-use, stunning overlays you can customize to your liking.

Truth be told, our design team has been working very hard this year to get off of Santa’s “Naughty” list. So, they created two festive new themes: “Xmas Spirit” and “Sleigh Ride.”

To make a SuperTheme your own, first find it in the Themes gallery (new themes appear at the top of the list, but you can also search them by name, or just type “holiday”).

Easier than going down a chimney for sure

After you select your theme, name it, click “Create Overlay,” and all five overlays from the SuperTheme are added to your Overlay manager.

Now comes the fun part: customize. Edit social media information, rearrange (or remove) elements of the theme, or even add your own (be sure to check out our “Holiday decorations” widget for some ideas)!

You can also copy widgets from your existing overlays setup with ease, click here to launch Superthemes.

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Holiday decorations widget

Our Holiday decorations widget has more than 30 holiday images and animations, which means that trimmed trees, twinkling lights, Mr. Frosty, and even our very own StreamElements Santa can be added to your overlays with a click.

Holiday decorations in action

To use the widget, edit the overlay you’d like to decorate, click on the “Widgets” menu, locate “Holiday decorations,” and click “Add.”

My overlays > Edit > Widgets and click “Add”

After adding the widget, choose the images and animations you like and click to add them to your overlay. Once added, each can be edited like any other image or video, and can be moved and resized across your overlay.

Let it snow

The Let it snow widget gives you all the flurries with none of the frostbite. And unlike real snow, you can customize the amount, size, speed and even color of snowflakes.

Yes, you can have red snow.

Add like any other widget: navigate to the “Widgets” menu within an overlay, choose “Let it snow,” and click “Add.”

KappaGen Christmas hats

Everybody loves KappaGen, it makes chat emotes appear on your stream, and creates amazing EMOTESPLOSIONS, an explosion of emotes triggered by alerts.

You can now make all your KappaGen emotes wear Christmas hats, with one click.

Christmas hats wearing emotes - assemble!

Simply toggle the “Enable Santa hats” switch in the KappaGen settings, and all your emotes will be wearing Christmas hats from now on.

Special Holiday HypeCup: GiftCup

Love gifts? Yeah! Love HypeCup, the best cup on Twitch? Hell yeah!

It’s raining gifts!

Well, we’ve got a special holiday HypeCup for y’all - GiftCup! Gift shaped tokens already included.

If you don’t use HypeCup yet, add it to your overlay from the widgets menu. After adding the cup to your overlay, choose the Santa gift bag shaped cup.

The following pop up will appear, clicking “Yes overwrite” will change your existing tokens, watch out, it’s a one way street!

We hope these fun new additions make streaming even more merry and bright.

Happy holidays to you from StreamElements!