How to use KappaGen with StreamElements

Hi KappaGen Users, we have made this video just for you guys:

A couple of weeks ago StreamElements partnered with KappaGen in order to provide our streamers with more dank memes, and give KappaGen users the most awesome toolset on the market today.

To help you migrate to Stream Elements, we created this short video that will assist you in getting set up. We also opened a Discord Channel for KappaGen Support.

Finally, here is a quick setup guide for how to use KappaGen with StreamElements.

Connecting Twitch and StreamElements:

  • Perform initial setup (it’s located in the dashboard), activate the bot, and setup tipping page by entering your PayPal email
  • In Stream Elements, KappaGen is a widget that can be added to ANY overlay you create. You can customize and add multiple KappaGen widgets to any of your overlays.
  • Click “Create Overlay” — the game and overlay name are just to help you keep things organized. Make sure the resolution matches your OBS settings and press “submit” (this will direct you to Overlay Manager).

Setting up KappaGen

  • Once inside Overlay Manager click “Widgets” followed by “add KappaGen”.
  • Save your Overlay, and press “launch overlay” (both are in lower left corner)
  • Copy the URL from the new tab, open OBS / Xsplit, add “Browser Source,” and in the first line (URL) paste the launch overly link.
  • Make sure that resolution fits your screen and that FPS is set at 30–60 (depends on your hardware and bandwidth), don’t forget to click “shutdown source when not visible” to avoid echo, and don’t forget to save.

Customize your KappaGen!

KappaGen is awesome, so we kept the features you love — and added some more — to make it more customizable than ever!

  • Emotesplosions are great, and now with StreamElements you can set which events will set the trigger for up to 1,000 emotes exploding on your Stream.
  • Love BCWarrior and KappaRoss, but have some unexplained animosity to FailFish? Use “Select emotes” and select which emotes will appear in your Emotesplosions. You can choose from BTTV, FFZ, GameWisp and Twitch emotes.
  • From 12–255px, set your emotes to be as big (or small) as you like!
  • Whether you like your emotes to bubble, blur, bounce or zoom, we have em’ all (and if you can’t make up your mind, just choose random)!
  • Want only your subscribers to use KappaGen? No problem, it takes only one click.
  • Many more customization features, including emotes per user and emotes duration!

StreamElements is much more than KappaGen

We are an all-in-one cloud based platform for streamers, and we’ve got all the tools you need:

  • Overlay manager: creating Overlay with StreamElements is simple and easy, and with all your assets on our cloud, you preserve more availability of CPU — and can open your overlay from any device.
  • Tipping: Our tipping system will help you increase donations, and StreamElements does not take any commission from your tips.
  • Loyalty system: Building a strong community is key for a streamer’s growth and success. Our loyalty system includes games to keep your viewers engaged and a Stream Store for you to customize.
  • Chatbot: Our chatbot will help you maintain order in your chat and improve engagement with your viewers.
  • Amongst other features we have are: song request player, chat statistics, a Stream Store for viewers to redeem their loyalty points, and much more.

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