HypeCup is Here!!! *PogChamp*

Let’s get your stream even more entertaining by celebrating those small moments we all know and love.

StreamElements’ Hype Cup is here, and it’s the most advanced and customizable cup out there. Your stream is about to get a whole lot more cheerful!

What is HypeCup?

The HypeCup is a part of the Overlay Editor, and it’s basically an event visualizer — in a cup. HypeCup visualizes: Cheers, Tips, Subscribers, Follows and Hosts. When any of these events occur, it triggers an alert which drops a token into your cup and scrolls a message across your screen.

StreamElements HypeCup is the only fully customizable cup — there is no limit on the number of variations, so you can have as many different alerts as you like.

We also have a video guide, be sure to check it out.

HypeCup Tutorial Video

The best cup on Twitch

HypeCup includes every setting existing cup widgets have, and new unique functions available only in StreamElements HypeCup:

  1. Unlimited variations: create as many versions as you like, celebrate each event with its own unique variation.
  2. Physics mechanism: set token size, shape and weight to define its interactions with other objects. Token gravity sets the bounciness of your tokens, set the bar all the way from zero gravity to fast drop.
  3. Sprite Sheet images: Use sprite sheets to make your tokens come to life with beautiful animations.

How to add the HypeCup to your overlay.

Just go to My Overlays> Edit (open Overlay editor) > Widgets > HypeCup.

Bring on the HYPE!

Once you added the HypeCup widget; the settings menu will open and the default cup will be added to your overlay. All Alerts for different types of events are turned on/off and edited separately, but the settings page for each alert looks and behaves the same.

Alerts settings

Each alert variation is edited on its own, settings are the same for all alert types. We’ve already created some cool tokens as default, so you can start using HypeCup straight away.

  1. Change image: choose an image for the variations token. You can use the following formats: .png, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .aac, .ogg and .webm.
  2. Variation name: Choose whichever name you like, make sure its variation has a unique name.
  3. Alert message: Each alert has a message you can customize. Listed are the variables you can use. Leaving the field blank will use the default message.
  4. Minimum amount: An alert will always use the highest minimum amount eligible. This setting sets hierarchy between the alert variations, don’t worry, we’ll explain: Let’s say you have 3 tip variations with the following minimum amounts: 10, 50, 100. All tips above 10 will use the 10 variation, tips from 50–99 will use the 50 variation, and tips from 100 and above will use the 100 variation.
  5. Body type: There are 3 body types to choose from: circle, square and capsule. Body determines the shape of the token border, thus its interaction with other objects.
  6. Body weight: Set the mass of the body (affects the behavior of the tokens).
  7. Token size: Increase / decrease token scale.
  8. Body borders: Determine the token’s collision size (we recommend settings it around 30–40% of image width).
  9. Show advanced: Opens sprite sheet settings.

Sprite sheet settings

A sprite sheet is a bitmap image file that contains several smaller graphics in a tiled grid arrangement. Sprite sheet images create an animated effect.

Destiny 2 ghost sprite sheet image

The sprite sheet settings opens once check the sheet check box in the alert box settings.

  1. Sheet check box: Check if image is a sprite Sheet.
  2. Frame width: Set the width of the single frame.
  3. Frame height: Set the height of the single frame.
  4. Frames: How many frames are in an image.

Learn more about sprite sheets.

Cup settings

We have lots of cups to choose from, but we aren’t stopping there, as we plan on adding more cups all the time. We would love to hear your cup ideas! Send them our way on Twitter (use #HypeCup) and we’ll see what we can do.

Cup settings enables the following:

  • Choosing your cup from existing variety.
HypeCup selction
  • Positioning your cup on the X axis.
  • Scaling your cup size.
  • Turning on/off cup tipping when filled.

Other Settings

  • Show event messages: Turn on/off messages as part of the alert.
Other settings menu
  • Use entire screen for bucket: Turning off enables placing cup all over the screen, turning it on places cup on the lower part of the screen.
  • Show wireframes: Wireframes are the outline or borders of an object. Turning wireframes on displays cup & token wireframes. Note that this setting does not affect your stream in any way, as wireframes are only visible on the Overlay editor.
Cup with / without frames.
  • Duration: Set the time it takes for an object to move from one side of the screen to the other.
Token fall with low gravity
  • Token gravity: Make em’ jump! Set the level of tokens’ gravity, from none at all, to jupiter-like drop.

Anything we missed?

We hope you will love our new HypeCup, we really think it’s the best event cup out there. Questions or comments? StreamElements would love to hear your feedback on our Discord or Twitter.

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