Introducing Media Request: All-In-One Song & Video Sharing

We wake up every morning with one goal: providing our streamers with the best tools for their stream.

That’s why we decided to do a total revamp to our song request and media share features and to rebuild it from scratch.

New Media Request is built to increase chat interaction and give fun and value to your viewers. It can be also used for tips, to boost your stream revenue.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Song request and Media share, the purpose of these features is to play songs/videos on your stream. You can have full control of the media played, or enable your viewers to request media in exchange for loyalty points or tips.

This blog post covers everything you need to know to use Media Request; we also made a tutorial video that follows the same guidelines.

Adding the Media Share widget

If you want to play media (as opposed to audio only) with Media Request, the Media share widget has to be added to your overlay first.

  1. Go to “My Overlays” and click the edit icon.
  2. From the Widgets menu add “Media Share”.
  3. Resize and move the widget to your liking, don’t forget to save when done.
My overlays > edit > Widgets

If needed, copy the widget to other overlays using the duplicate icon.

Media Request player

Media request main page consists of the player itself (which displays the media currently playing), queue and main settings.

See numbering below for each feature explanation

We’ve already added a backup playlist by Monstercat for you to start with and we will explain later on how to replace it with your own.

The following settings are located on this page:

  1. Viewer requests: switch it on to enable your viewers to request a song via !SR command, your profile page, and your tipping page if song via tips is enabled.
  2. Queue moderation: enabling this will add every requested song to the “pending approval” section of the player. The song will not enter the queue before being approved by you or your mods.
  3. Moderator notifications: when turned on, a sound notification will play every time a new song is requested. Be mindful that the sound will play in your stream if the player is open.
  4. Control buttons (back, play, forward): these work like every other control buttons you’ve seen, notice that the back button plays the previous media (as opposed to restarting the current track)
  5. Show on stream: clicking this button will send the media currently playing to overlay (needs media share widget in order to work)
  6. History: links to your media history page.
  7. Add Media: enter a YouTube URL to add media manually.
  8. Remove all: will clear all videos from your Queue (does not remove songs from your pending approval list)

Under the player is your Queue and pending approval list. Each song consists of its source, the user that requested it and the remove button.


Additional modifications of Media Request are located on the settings menu.

Media Request Mode

  • Free: when free mode is enabled songs can be requested either for free, or in exchange for loyalty points in an amount you’ll decide on
  • Via Tip: enables requesting songs via tips, and cost per second (AKA sellout mode)
  • Both: enables requesting songs via loyalty and tips as well
Choose between Free, Via Tip and Both

Queue limit

  • Queue limit: set a limit to the number of songs that can be added to the queue
  • Maximum request duration: set a time limit to request duration
  • Max free request per user: If free song request is enabled, set the limit on the amount of requests per user
  • Max paid requests per user: If paid request is enabled, set the limit on the amount of requests per user
  • Backup playlist: Add a URL to a fallback list when there are no songs in queue

Bot and loyalty

These settings will appear only if “Free” or “Both” media request modes are active.

  • Loyalty points cost: how much of your loyalty currency is needed to request a song
  • Subscriber discount: you can set a discount for your subs, giving them extra value
  • Minimum user level: limit the level of users that can request media

Tipped request
These settings will appear only if “Via Tip” or “both” request modes are active.

  • Prioritize tipped request: checking this setting will launch tipped media requests to the top of the queue
  • Enable cost-per-second: checking this setting will enable cost per second (“Sellout mode”) media request
  • Cost per second: the amount in $ of cost per second for your media to be played


  • Limit to music: Checking this will limit requests media from YouTube to music only (as defined by YouTube)
  • Video blacklist: add a YouTube video URL to ban it from being played
  • Banned tags: add a YouTube tag to ban songs with this tag from being played
  • Auto Filter: These settings range from off to very high, and enables filtering on requested media under a certain view amount and rating


  • Skip backup list mid-track upon incoming request: Checking this option will immediately start playing an incoming request if the current track is from the backup playlist
  • Enable Skip voting: Checking this will allow your chat to vote on skipping a track using the !voteskip command, amount of votes is determined in the “Votes required” field
  • Exempt user level: users with this role or higher are exempt from loyalty points cost and other limitations

We hope you’ll enjoy the new Media request feature, let us know your thoughts on Twitter and if you need support, our support heroes are waiting for you on our Discord.