Media Share Complete Guide

Media share is a recently added feature to StreamElements, and it’s part of the song request system.

Media share enables you to play video on stream from Youtube (as opposed to Song request that only plays audio). You can choose to use media share either to “upgrade” song request to include video, or to reward your tippers by having their video played on stream.

Not the reading type? We made a Song request & Media share video guide as well.

Song Request and Media Share video guide

Adding Media Share

To use Media share in your stream, add the Media share widget to each overlay you want it to be used at. You can use duplicate widget to copy the widget to all your active overlays with ease.

Edit the overlay you want add Media Share to, and add it from the Widgets menu.

Don’t forget to position the widget on your overlay, that’s where your videos will appear.

Media share controls

Media share settings affect all the Overlays that use media share and have been added to the existing song request settings page.

First enable media share, which will add media share controls to song request.

Media share has two main controls which are connected: 
The first, “Show video on overlay / Hide video” button is a “killswitch”, controlling all other media share related settings.

Media share controls include: Show /Hide video and Autoshow

While media is playing, clicking “Hide” will turn it off, regardless of anything else happening on your stream. This is useful if a video begins playing in the widget and you want to shut it off for any reason.

When “Autoplay” is enabled, videos will play automatically, with the risk of unmoderated content appearing in your stream. As mentioned, any video can be turned off immediately using the hide video button.

Using Media Share for tips

Any amount other than 0 entered in the “Cost” field of “Tip settings” will turn Media share to be a tip based feature.

There are two fields in the tip section:

  • Cost: set cost for each second of media (can be set in cents as well)
  • Minimum amount: you can limit media to have no entry amount if you want, but we recommend setting an amount to guarantee at least a few seconds of media being played.

After enabling tipping via media share, a new column will be added to your tipping page.

The media share column enables your tippers to add a song URL, and see according to the tip amount how much play time they get. Your tippers can also choose the video starting point (in seconds) as can be seen here:

Video length is changed with tip amount

Well, that’s all folks.

We hope you’ll like Media share. Use Media Share to boost your streams with videos, keeping your viewers happy and your stream more entertaining. As always, if you need any support, hop on our Discord or send us a Tweet.