New Feature: Widget Data

We’ve just released the Widget Data page, which replaces the “Edit Session” page, adding new functionality and improved data fetching.

In addition to the new page, we’ve rolled out some major additions to our Overlay Widgets for you to play with:

  • NEW “Recent Subscribers”, “Recent Hosts” and “Latest Host” widget
  • All “Recent” Widgets now have a setting for amount of entries to show.
  • Ability to remove entries from all “Recent” widgets (don’t give the trolls airtime!)
  • Weekly, Monthly & All-time Aggregate Widgets for Subscribers, Followers and Cheers
  • Sub/Tip/Follow Train widget completely tweak-able to your liking
  • Countdown widget can also count to a specific date & time

What does Widget Data do?

Widget Data has two main functions:

  • Keeping track of your widget data for: Subscribers, Followers, Cheers, Tips and Hosts.
  • Editing the data displayed on your Overlay Widgets, because we love offering you customizability.

How to access Widget Data

Click on “Activity feed” followed by Widget Data, or click on “Data” on the top left inside the Overlay Editor.

Widget Data is only two clicks away.


You can now edit the names and amount appearing on your recent Follower, Tip, Subscriber, Cheer (let’s refer to them as FTSC from now on, cool?) and Host widgets . You can also remove names the recent widgets, if you don’t want them to appear on your overlay.

To edit the Latest FTSC (and host) just manually type the new name and amount and save.

Removing names from lists takes two clicks; Click on the X next to the name you want to erase, and save on the top right.

The last function of this tab is the Reset Labels button, and just like a self destruct button, there is no going back after pressing it. It will erase all the data in the tab, and it can’t be restored.

Reset Labels button will erase all tab data, use caution.


The goal tab aggregates the progress of your goal widgets and is being updated while you stream. It also enables you the change the number displayed on your FTSC widgets.

Functionally, this tab is identical to the labels tab; Manually change the data and save on the top right. Just like the labels tab, the reset button will erase all data.

Changing data in goals tab will effect goal widgets in your Overlay.

Session Data

Session data displays stats from your current streaming session and automatically resets post stream. Use this tab if you want to change the numbers displayed on your current session widgets, and of course, don’t forget to save on the top right. New events that occur while you’re off stream will be counted and displayed on your next stream.

The button on this tab is a bit different. It resets the Session Data, and also fetches new Totals from Twitch. More on that tab below.

Change session data as you like


This tab displays the total number of your FTSC. Unlike the previous tabs, data here cannot be altered as it is fetched from Twitch and aggregated on our system. The data in the All-time Widgets is synced with the data displayed here.

Keep in mind that while your stream is live we increment all counters as the event occurs, and we also fetch updated totals from Twitch every few minutes. This means that any follower or subscriber you lose during the stream will be reduced from your “Total” widgets.

The reset button on this tab is the Reset Session button, which clears data in the Session tab and updates the Totals from Twitch.

Keep track of your session Subs/Followers/Cheers/Tips in the totals tab.


This tab has the same functionality as it had on the Edit Session. But while before we displayed only Tip related data, we’ve now added aggregates for Followers, Subscribers and Cheers to coincide with the new Widgets.

The Refresh Aggregates button will re-aggregate all data seen on this page.

Aggregates tab displays lifetime streaming data

We hope you’ll enjoy these updates, and as always, we are on Discord & Twitter for any additional questions you might have.

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