New StreamElements design, Night mode and Moderator login!

Hi streamers, new StreamElements design has been launched, and it comes with new features: Night mode and channel management.

Excitement all-around

Beside being oh so pretty, the new design will enable us to develop even more new features and functionality, to make StreamElements the best and only tool a streamer needs.

The user interface and functionality is the same, but some highly requested features were added.

If you’re using Ground Control (and if you don’t you really ought to check it out), just restart it and it’s going to automatically upgrade and connect to the new dashboard. All you need to do is get your new JWT token from your Account Settings on the website and enter it in Ground Control.

Night Mode

Night mode is probably the most requested feature in our idea board (that’s where our users ask for new features ).

We added night mode because we LUV your pretty eyes and it also looks quite awesome. To turn on night mode (or off), just click the switch, just like the lights in your room.

Lights on, lights off

Moderator login

Now you can add mods to your channel or be added as a moderator!

Clicking on channel list will display all the channels you are modding.

Adding a moderator your channel:

  • Click “Channel” from anywhere on the platform, followed by settings > drop down icon.
  • There are 3 types of mods (more on that later), choose whatever type you prefer and click “Generate invite link” copy the link and send it to your moderator to be.
  • Under “My moderators” you’ll find the list of your moderators and the permission level. You can change their permission level or remove them from this panel.

Acting as a Moderator:

  • Once link was received and claimed the account will be added under the channel icon.
  • Click the account name you want to manage and our StreamElements will refresh itself accordingly.
  • Upper menu turns green to indicate thate you are currently moderating. Pressing “Stop” will reload your dashboard.
Upper menu turns green when modding.

Moderator variations:

  1. Bot Moderator: grants access to loyalty and chat bot sections.
  2. Editor: all Bot Moderator permission + able to edit overlays.
  3. Full control: full access, apart from adding new moderators
  • Full control does not provide in any way access to your Twitch account.

“My Tips” now part of “Tipping settings”.

My tips is where you can see your tips list, and also see your top tippers. We moved it under “Tipping settings”.

It’s now separated into “Tip list” and “Top tippers”.

StreamElements in more languages, first up - Russian!

We want to make StreamElements accessible to everyone, and we are working on translating our whole platform to more languages. First: upрусский, or russian, for the likely scenario you can’t understand we just wrote.

To switch languge just click the language button on the upper right menu.

We would love to hear what you think about the new StreamElements design, hit us up on Discord or Twitter!