New StreamElements feature: Contests!

Streamers asked and we listened!
You can now use StreamElements to create contests.

Contests are located under loyalty on the left menu

What are contests?

Contests are a fun & simple way to increase your viewers’ engagement, and they are fully customizable. 
You can ask viewers whatever you want, from “Will I win my next game” to “How many headshots kills will I have” and even “Guess my favorite pizza topping” (riPepperonis ofcourse). 
Your viewers vote by using chat commands and betting currency.

How do I add contests to my overlays?

Click Overlay manager > Edit > Widgets > Add contest.

How will my viewers know there is a contest going on?

Simple, once you add the contest widget to your overlay, contests will be displayed on your screen. You can adjust contests box size and location.

How do I create a contest?

Inside the contests menu, set a title for your contest, answer options and duration. You can also set minimum and maximum betting amount if you like. StreamElements also saves all your past contest, so you can re-launch or edit a contest you previously created.

How are rewards determined?

Once you choose the winning answer with “Pick a winner” option, all winners are getting paid based on their share in the prize pool, which is determined by their bet size. Simply put? A bet on 10 currency points will pay twice as much then 5 points bet.

So that’s about it, and if you haven’t done so yet, join our Discord server, it’s what all the cool kids do.

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