OBS Studio Version 20.0 is Out: What You Need to Know!

As a streamer, you always want to have the best software and technology ready to use, and OBS studio is the go-to streaming platform for most users! But is the new update worth it? Our answer: Yes!

With many awesome new features, it’s one of OBS’ biggest updates yet and great for the StreamElements broadcaster!

How do I update my OBS to Version 20.0?

Before addressing any of the cool features, let’s go over how to get this new update! OBS should prompt you about it upon launch, but if not or you already closed it, it’s very simple still to update!

At the top menu bar, hover over “Help,” and simply click on check for updates. From there, follow the prompts and you will have it fully installed.

Click “Help” followed by “Check For Updates.”

Star feature: The ability to lock sources!

As a broadcaster, you’ve probably spent hours setting up your sources in OBS, meticulously planning each position, only to have your work destroyed mid-cast with an accidental click and some of your impeccably-placed sources move. Also, in previous versions, it was always difficult to select the individual source you wanted to alter, because it so often click away on a source you weren’t wanting to work on.

In Overlay Manager on StreamElements, we made that process easier by allowing streamers to condense many of their sources in one overlay, saving on CPU usage and making your OBS source list much more streamlined.

Overlay Manager already enables you to position your sources with decimal precision, and you can also center your sources and lock them. However, this hard work could still go awry when clicking in OBS resulted in your sources being moved around haphazardly.

Edit your sources in Overlay Manager with precise positioning and locking.

Now, the new OBS version allows you to lock your sources! Never again will you have to worry about your webcam or Bit Cup shifting away from where you planned! On the new version, you should see a lock button next to each source, along with a visibility button, which you can toggle on/off to your editing needs.

Toggle lock & visibilty on / off

Image slideshow changes, and how to make it even better with StreamElements

In OBS 20.0, there are many new added features to the image slideshow source option, which is a source useful for having many images play on screen when streaming. They have now added the feature to disable looping, and you can change the behavior of the slideshow now as well (restart when you switch to current scene, pause when not in current scene, or always play); you can also now control the image slideshow with hotkeys!

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However, with StreamElements, we’ll do you one better. Have you ever watched other streamers and wondered how they have timed “pop-ups” on screen, widgets that show periodically with things like their Twitter info or logo? With Image Rotator on Overlay Manager, you can do that, too! It is more user-friendly than the image slideshow OBS offers, with of course the added benefit of the cool timing to show on screen!

Add in Image Rotator in Overlay Manager to make timed images/gifs show on screen!

To find the Image Rotator, simply go to Overlay Manager, click on the Widget button at the top, and scroll down the bottom and find “Static” widgets. From here, add the Image rotator to your overlay, and add as many images as you like! You can also add gifs as well if you would like have moving assets on screen.

From there, simply add this new overlay to OBS (if you need help doing so, click for our Overlay Manager guide) and double click on it to access “Properties.” If you’d like to toggle its loop, click on “Shutdown source when not visible,” and if you’d like to restart the image slideshow when the scene restarts, click on “Refresh browser when scene becomes active.”

Alter how your Image Rotator source works in OBS by altering the settings in “Properties.”

OBS 20.0’s new modular User Interface

Other feature we found intriguing to some users is OBS’ new UI (user interface). If you’ve found yourself thinking OBS looked too cluttered, or wanted to shift the sources, scenes, or other bars around — you now can!

To do so, click on “View” in the menu bar, then scroll to “Docks” and un-check “Lock UI” (it is locked by default).

Click “View,” then “Docks,” then “Lock UI” to toggle UI editing on/off.

You can now move the assets you’d like around, or even pop them out of the window! Simply click on the top of the asset (for example, click on the “Scenes” bar) and drag them out of the original screen. If you ever want to change it back, just go back to “View,” then “Docks,” and click “Reset UI.”

In OBS 20.0, you can pop out all your OBS assets if you like. Cool!

Hate the Light? Live in the Dark!

Across all social media platforms and Twitch itself, many users cry out against the default “Light mode” user interface. For a while, OBS has had “Dark mode” that many users don’t know about, and now they’ve added a new, similar dark theme called “Rachni.” To access either, go to “File,” “Settings,” “General,” and click on “Theme.”

OBS’ new theme, “Rachni.”

Other cool OBS 20.0 features:

  • New ability to use Japanese and European-specific keys as hotkeys to be accessible to more users.
  • “Stinger” transitions — in addition to the default stream transitions, users can now add in video transitions as well.
  • Better support for Mixer users to support low-latency broadcasting.
  • More accurate preview mode — before, fullscreening OBS would still not give you an accurately-sized view, so now you can zoom in to preview exactly what resolution you’re streaming at, or preview the exact resolution your viewers will see.

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