Revlo is shutting down, We’re here to help

Last Friday we were saddened to hear that Revlo, a company we appreciate very much, is shutting down. We got you covered — Import your loyalty points and keep streaming.

If you’re looking for a Revlo replacement, we’ve got you covered:

Start by exporting your Revlo points. Go to and click the “Export” button on the top of the screen. Follow instructions and you will get a CSV file with all your user points.

Now that you’re good to go, Log into

If this is your first time with Stream Elements, we recommend you complete our “Pre-Flight Checklist”. This will assist you in setting up our ChatBot, Overlays and Tipping Service.

Now that your channel is all set up, click the “Import from Revlo” button we placed at the top of the page (How convenient is that?)

Upload your CSV file, and let the magic happen.

You are good to go. With Revlo all imported to Stream Elements, and the Chat Bot modding your channel, your users will never know you switched services.

Now that you have all your user data imported, take some time and set up the “Stream Store”. Here you can create perks and items your users can redeem for their loyalty points. It’s pretty awesome!

Now that you’re part of Stream Elements, join us:

Join our 24-hour support channel on Discord: