Spoopify your stream with StreamElements!

Ghosts, witches, skeletons and spiders — what’s more frightfully fun than Halloween?

StreamElements are big believers in the holiday spirit, so we’ve gone ahead and saved you from double the toil and trouble of creating a ghoulish overlay from scratch — everything you need for a spooktacular theme is here!

With two brand spoopin’ new SuperThemes, special Halloween widget and a Pumpkin HypeCup (complete with scary tokens), we’ve got the potion for a BOO-tiful overlay.

Spooky SuperThemes are here.

If you are not familiar with them, SuperThemes are ready-to-use, stunning, customizable overlays, exclusive to StreamElements users.

We locked our creative team in a haunted house with Friday the 13th movies playing on repeat to get them in the right mood.

The outcome? “Boo!” & “Gore” — two new animated SuperThemes.

“Boo!” is a classic Halloween theme — haunted castle, pumpkins, spiders and bats included.

Boo! SuperTheme preview

“Gore” will give your stream a slasher movie vibe — complete with blood stains and bloodcurdling screams.

Gore SuperTheme preview

Add both your overlay manager with one click from our Themes Gallery.

Scare their pants off with “Trick or Treat” Halloween widget.

Our special “Trick or Treat” widget includes over 30 static and animated images that can be added to any existing overlay.

Simply add the widget to your overlay from the widgets menu:

It only takes 3 clicks!

Once added, just choose the images and animations you like and add them to your overlay. Images and animations can be customized and “behave” just like any other image / video in your overlay.

Special Halloween HypeCup - PumpkinCup!

Our HypeCup, the best alert cup on Twitch, is updated with a new PumpkinCup! Cheers, subs and tips will fall into your cup and take form as bats, ghosts, skulls and… more pumpkins!

The HypeCup widget is added to your overlay from the widget menu. After adding the widget, choose the huge pumpkin shaped cup:

When choosing the PumpkinCup, the following popup will appear -remember, changing your tokens is a one way street - which means that once you change your tokens, there’s no going back:

After accepting (or keeping your current token setup) PumpkinCup is added to your overlay, and it’s raining pumpkins!

We call it: the pumpkin drop!

Want the best of both worlds? Don’t worry, we know a lot of you have spent considerable time customizing your HypeCype. We have a solution to make sure you do not overwrite all your hard work! Simply duplicate the overlay you want to Spoopify and make your spooky alterations there, PumpkinCup included.

Your previous overlay will remain untouched until you decide you want to use it again.

The witching hour is upon us!

With evil mischief and ghastly ghouls on the hunt, be sure to decorate your overlay for Halloween!