StreamElements Spotlight: KidKerrigan & Kismet

We love our streamers!

We love the energy, the people who dare to invite the world to join their game, to express themselves as they truly are at their highs and lows. Streaming is all about being who you are, to share winning moments next to embarrassing losses and quirky sounds.

We love our streamers so much that we had to share this love with you, to make sure you are not missing out some awesome people.

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Meet KidKerrigan, she streams Heroes of the Storm, PUBG, variety gaming and… cooking!

We love “Kerri” because of her passion for gaming and streaming, positive community and her quirky sense of humor.


Join the Kismet love train (yes, that’s totally a thing he does on his streams) for a tour in the Commonwealth Wasteland.

We admire Kismet’s ageless passion for gaming, just join one of his streams streams and see for yourself, the dude is a child at heart.

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