StreamElements supports Extra Life charity streams

The yearly Extra Life charity stream is the best example why the Twitch community is awesome.

Every year at November 4th, thousands of streamers participate in a 24-hour streaming marathon in favor of raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, $30+ million were collected until today.

We at StreamElements admire this amazing commitment by streamers, and decided to pitch in the effort as well. We developed two new widgets especially for Extra Life streams:

  • Extra Life AlertBox
  • Extra Life donation tracker

On top of that, we have brand new “Extra Life” SuperTheme, available in the Themes gallery.

Extra Life donation AlertBox widget

The Extra Life donation widget is similar to the our StreamElements AlertBox, but only represent Extra Life donations only, made via the Extra life donation page, that’s how it goes:

  • Copy your Extra Life ID, it can be found in your browser address bar once inside your profile:
Your ID can be copied from the address bar while in “Your Page”
  • Add the widget to your overlay.
  • Paste your ID into the input field.
  • You’re good to go, customize the AlertBox as you like.

The AlertBox already comes built in with the Extra Life logo, but can be changed to whatever image or video you feel like

Extra Life donation tracker

The donation tracker works like other StreamElements goal trackers, with a slight difference: that the goal is being pulled from your Extra Life profile, instead of you set it up manually.

  • Copy your Extra Life ID (The same as the AlertBox widget)
  • Add the widget to your overlay.
  • Paste your ID into the input field.
Once ID is inserted, goal is updated automatically

Note that if you’re part of a team, you can add a another bar for your team goal.

The process is the same, but instead of your profile ID, insert the team ID, it’s located in your address when in “My team” menu.

Don’t forget to check the box next to “This is my team ID”.

A widget for each goal.

Extra Life SuperTheme

New “Extra Life” SuperTheme is waiting for you in our Themes Gallery, add it and make it your own.

The SuperTheme already includes both Extra Life AlertBox and Donation tracker, so don’t forget to set them up and make ‘em your own.

Click to launch “Extra Life” Super Theme.

A little tip from us — use timers to increase donations!

StreamElements timers feature can help you in creating timers linking to your donation page, increasing your donation. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use timers, check our video guide.

Now, it’s your turn, have a great stream, for the kids.