StreamElements Troll Pro

StreamElements embraces the troll community and brings you a whole list of Pro features, available for only $5.99 a month.

We want to be completely transparent with you and notify that 1 out of 10 tippers will have the Pro Feature added automatically to their checkout when tipping a streamer. (sounds familiar? xD)

While paying for the Hidden Pro Feature, trolls will be able to enjoy:

KappaGen takeover: your emotes appear 20x larger on any stream, top layer!

Omni TTS: Your TTS will always scream on MAXIMUM VOLUME, Male Korean voice.

Mic Muted: Access to the !mutemic command that allows you to mute the mic of the streamer once per day.

Chat bans immunity: You will never be timed out for links or spam, the bot will automatically unban you if a rogue mod dares to try.

Chatstats spam multiplier: Your chat spam counts up to 5x on the stats page!

Tips auto chargebacker: why pay for the tip when you can charge it back?

  • The Pro Feature fees are non-refundable
  • You can pay with csgo skins
  • Accepting dogecoin and subway giftcard
  • Prepay annually for a limited edition hoodie.

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