The rise of the data-driven streamer

Do you know what your best stream in the past month was? Can you tell us why it was your best stream?

You might have based your answer on the amount of tips you got or how many new subscribers/followers you gained. Those numbers are partial data, which doesn’t give you the whole picture, and it doesn’t measure your stream performance accurately.

Don’t FeelsBadMan. Calculating this data post-stream is a difficult process which requires time, energy and combining different stats from different platforms manually — annoying!

Know how many unique chatters you had in stream and your total revenue

Introducing Stream Report

Once you finish streaming, StreamElements automatically emails you the latest Stream Report with all your key performance data. The report contains the following:

  • Total revenue from stream with breakdown — tips, cheers and subs
  • Number of unique chatters
  • Number of new followers and subscribers gained from stream
  • Number of viewers, unique chatters and followers compared to previous stream
  • Viewers over time graph — know when the peak of your stream was

This data is valuable to you as a streamer, because it replaces your ‘gut feeling’ (important, but cannot always be trusted) with straight up numbers.

Use the viewers over time graph to know when your stream peaked.

The birth of the data driven streamer

We added the Stream Report feature because we want to reward our users with tools that will help them gain Twitch fame and fortune. When you stream, you consistently test what attracts new viewers and find ways to retain the existing ones. For the first time, you can actually know what works through the use of statistical data. The numbers don’t lie.

Get a full income breakdown and compare the number of viewers, followers and chatters to your last stream.

Hit us up on Twitter or Discord and let us know what you think of Stream Reports and what data would you like us to add in the future!

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