Twitch Extension is live!

We are happy to announce that the StreamElements Twitch extension is now live!

The new StreamElements extension enables your viewers to keeps track of points, top emotes, all time total messages and top chatters.

24-Dec update: Stream Store added to extension

How to add the extension to your Twitch profile?

Well, its super simple, just click here and install.

If already in Twitch, go to your Twitch Dashboard, click “Extensions”, on the filter search bar type “StreamElements” and install.

After installation you’ll have to add the extension to your channel, the extension will appear under “Installed Extensions”, click “Activate” and add it as a new or existing panel.

Extension Tabs

Switch between the different tabs by clicking the “More stats” button.

  • Points: points are a representation of your leaderboard, and display both current points (points accumulated in this session) and all time rankings.
The rocket, it flies!
  • Chatters: just like chatters in chat stats feature, this tab shows your most active chatters, with each point representing one chat message, includes your all time total messages as well.
  • Chat stats : displays your all time top chat emotes.
  • Store Items: enables redemption of items from your StreamElements store. Tab displays items name, number of items, description, cost and redeem chat command.

We will keep on adding new stuff to the extension and will udpate it this post.

Tweet at us your thoughts of the new extension, you can also suggest what to add next on our idea board.

Happy streaming!