TwitchDev PAX Recap — Twitch Extensions and More!

Yesterday at PAX West, the TwitchDev team announced some exciting new features for developers, streamers, and viewers alike! In case you weren’t at PAX, or missed the live stream, we’ve got a handy guide here for you on what went down!

Revolutionizing Streaming with “Twitch Extensions”

Twitch revealed a few big updates during the TwitchDev panel, the biggest being a new site-wide feature called Twitch Extensions. While they’ve been in beta already, now Twitch Extensions will be available across the site and for many more games. (And by now, they mean “soon” as the feature is not yet up. But, soon™. Kappa)

Essentially, Twitch Extensions are add-ons that be can connected to the Twitch video player on-screen, used in the channel directory, played as mini-games in the description sections, or whatever the developers’ minds imagine. Specific things the TwitchDev team mentioned were real-time match stats, live inventory and gear lists (from the streamer’s game), and playing interactive games with chat. For example, think of searching the Hearthstone directory for streamers playing a certain hero (never Anduin, lul). Then, Twitch Extensions would take it one step further by also being able to see an interactive deck-list on stream!

See live inventories and match stats for many games, like LoL, HS, and PUBG!

Another great example of chat and streamer interaction enhanced by Twitch Extensions, was the demo showed of Sevadus’ stream. Chat was able to write directly on his face!

Chat can now interact live with the streamer and video by clicking!

While this might not be the choice for every streamer, it’s a fun way to engage with viewers while on a break or on a full-face screen, or if the streamer doesn’t mind it on during gameplay. During Sevadus’ test, 79% of viewers clicked on his face and engaged with him using the extension, and over 3.2 million clicks happened in total across Twitch with this add-on over 24 hours.

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They also previewed several other add-ons, including an on-screen music player, an interactive global map for viewers to show where they’re from, live stream polls, and the ability to share your thoughts and emotions on screen with cool emote meters!

Share your emotions with an interactive emote meter on stream!

They even showed an interactive RPG viewers can play during stream right in the info section!

Level up your own character while your favorite streamer is playing!

Right now, game-wise, the TwitchDev team primarily has extensions out for League of Legends, Overwatch, and Hearthstone, but will have 22 more extensions coming soon. Once released, you’ll find all the ones shown in this post and more here:, and they can also be found under “Dashboard” and then “Extension Manager” for streamers.

They are also opening Twitch Extensions up to ALL developers, meaning limitless creativity for many new Twitch Extensions to come! This means that StreamElements will also be able to add and perfect even more interactive features for you in the future!

Release of a New Twitch API

At the panel, the TwitchDev team also revealed a new Twitch API, which claims to be about much more simplicity and reliability. This means better user interface and more stable connections, as well as simplified data for devs about general users, as well as specific streamers and their followers. For streamers, this new API also means that we will now be able to automatically send out live notifications on social media.

It also comes with the integrations of Webhooks, which will notify devs proactively about live events happening on streams. For example, a new follower could trigger an overlay directly on screen.

As far as reliability, the team wants to be more transparent about changes, and be better about giving live data to devs. They will include a status page to show how well the API is working, and also will give metadata which devs can utilize for their apps (like sorting channel directories).

What all of this means for the StreamElements user is that the new API will allow StreamElements to deliver better and more streamlined services and features to you, faster!

Twitch Developer Roadmap

Lastly, Twitch is launching a new site for developer feedback called the Twitch Developer Roadmap. Using this site, Twitch and developers can better share feedback and updates with each other, and will share more on this at Developer Day at TwitchCon 2017.

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