We are at TwitchCon!

The last few months was an incredible, crazy ride, and now we’re here, at Long Beach, CA for StreamElements first ever TwitchCon event.

We will hold our live presentation ”Fame & Fortune on Twitch with StreamElements” at the Indie Stage, 5:30–6:00pm PST, Oct 21st, Saturday. Catch the live Stream at https://www.twitch.tv/twitchconindieworkshop

Come visit our booth and say “Hi!”, we can’t wait to meet all of you and of course, we’ve got some cool merch to giveaway.

Come say Hi!

We are located at the Streamers’ Workshop, here’s a map so you can find us with ease:


Want a dope StreamElements pin and a chance to win a $50 Steam voucher?

  1. Tweet a photo with ANYONE wearing StreamElements swag at the event.
  2. Tweet the pic with official StreamElements TwitchCon Hashtag - #TwitchElements & #TwitchCon
  3. Come to our booth for the pickup (yes, you can just come and take one with us you lazy slob)

We are going to have a daily giveaway, because free stuff is the best stuff.

Our 1st giveaway on Friday the 20th will be open to everyone joining our Stream, check our Twitter for updates on final time.

For those who are going to make it to TwitchCon, we are going to give away an Audio-Technica AT2020USB MIC and a Nintendo Switch on the second and third day respectively.

We also have a dedicated #TwitchCon channel in our Discord, be sure to join.

Live streams from the StreamElements booth

Can’t make it to TwitchCon but want to be in the know? Have no worries! We’ll be live streaming non-stop from door opening on Friday, until closing time in Sunday.

We kick off with the ever-awesome singer, RandomGirlSinging and will be featuring some of our favorite streamers: Onscreen, GIRLvsDUMB, RyuTheRed, Danotage, KidKerrigan, thebeardedGAMR and some special surprises.

We are also supporting Kismet, who will be live streaming Saturday the 21st at 13:00 from the Intel Streamer Zone. Watch his stream to participate in his $50 Steam voucher giveaway, sponsored by StreamElements.

See you there!