We give you… Giveaways! (See what we did there?)

We are happy to announce a new feature added to StreamElements -Giveaways.

What are Giveaways

Giveaways are a part of the loyalty system, which allows your viewers to gain points for viewing your channel. They are also completely customizable— but more on that to come. Giveaways are an awesome tool for increasing chat engagement and rewarding your viewers.

Your viewers participate in Giveaways by buying tickets with the loyalty points they earn.

How do I add Giveaways to my overlays?

Just go to your Overlay Manager > Edit > Widgets > Add Giveaways.

Add Giveaway to your Overlay.

How do I start a Giveaway?

Giveaways are pretty straightforward. Click “Giveaways” on the left side menu, this will open the Giveaway setting page.

Title your giveaway and add a description if you like. The next step is to add an image/video, which we highly recommend (a giveaway with an image/video makes it more eye-catching and fun).

Name your Giveaway, add a description and image/video if you like

Additional settings include giving your viewers their first ticket for free (if you are feeling generous), adjusting the ticket cost and maximum tickets per user, and “Subscriber luck,” which improves your subscribers’ odds of winning — by up to 10X more — this is a great way to reward viewers who go above and beyond to support your channel.

Set ticket cost, tickets per user, subscriber luck and start your Giveaway.

Once you are done adjusting your settings, press “Create and start,” and you will be redirected to the Giveaway admin page and also see the public Giveaway page.

Giveaway admin page

Note that you can also choose a past giveaway from your side bar, press start to begin with the same settings, or edit to change them.

Viewer participation

Generally, viewers can type “!giveaways” in your channel’s chat and view the available open giveaways. Your viewers can buy tickets in 3 ways:

  1. On your public giveaway page, usually found at http://streamelements.com/ChannelName/giveaway
Public Giveaway page

2. Using “!enter” command followed by number of tickets (for example: “!enter 3” will buy the viewer 3 tickets for the giveaway).

3. Using !ticket command followed by number of tickets (same as with “!enter”)

How can my viewers know a Giveaway is active?

As long as you added the Giveaways widget, the giveaway box will appear on your overlay, your viewers won’t miss it! There will be also an indication in chat once a giveaway starts. Users can also use the !giveaway command and StreamElements will post a link to the public Giveaway page. If there is no Giveaway running the bot will indicate it.

Giveaways are displayed both in chat and overlay.

How to Draw a winner

Once you decided to end the Giveaway, press the “Close Giveaway” button and the bot will announce the completion of the giveaway in chat. Click “Draw a winner” to pick a winner that will be immediately announced in chat. You can draw as many winners as you like, as long as you don’t press “Mark Giveaway as complete.”

How to Cancel a Giveaway

If you want to cancel and refund the Giveaway, press “Refund Giveaway” in your Giveaway backend page and participants will get a refund and the bot will announce the giveaway cancellation.

That’s all folks!

I hope you understand how to use Giveaways and why they are such an awesome tool. If you have any more questions , come hang out with us in the StreamElements Discord. We’re always here to help!

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