We’ve got tons of updates, so you’ll want to read this!

Our development team was working extra hard this week on some much requested features and updates, and oh boy, they sure delivered!

TL;DR for you hasty people, here’s the list:

  • Duplicate Widgets
  • KappaGen combo mode
  • AlertBox Alerts animation settings
  • Raid Tokens for HypeCup
  • Subscriber and Follower goal widgets update
  • Subscriber only items
  • Access code items
  • Redeem store item variable

After we celebrated with lots of extra spicy pepperoni pizza, we listed all the updates and how to operate them.

Enjoy, there’s a ton of them.

StreamElements pizza celebration, illustration.

Duplicate Widgets

You can now copy a widget (such as AlertBox, HypeCup and any other widget) from one overlay to another, or within the same overlay. This feature makes having a multiple sets of overlays for different streams EASY, as you can just copy your existing setup from one overlay to another with a few clicks.

To duplicate a widget:

  • Choose the layer you wish to duplicate from either the layers menu or the overlay itself and click the duplicate icon, this will launch a pop up with two options: “This Overlay” and “Other Overlays”.
Choose the layer you want to duplicate and click the icon
  • Clicking “This Overlay” will add the widget to your overlay and will direct you back to the editor.
  • Clicking “Other Overlays” will open a list of all your existing overlays. Check the ones you like to copy the widget to, click submit, and… Walla! Widget is copied.

KappaGen combo mode

Love the wonder which is KappaGen, but don’t want every emote posted in chat to show on screen? Enter Combo mode, or as we like to call it, KappaCombo.

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Combo mode enables you to set the minimum amount of times an emote has to be typed in chat order to appear on your overlay (ranging from 1–100) and the time frame for it.

As always a GIF explains it better:

Set combo min amount and time frame

AlertBox Alerts animation settings

You can now further customize your alerts, with separate animation settings for each alert and even for different variations.

Use Animation settings to determine where and how both your alert animation and text enter and exit, text appearance delay and text disappearance offset.

Alerts are rolling in

The animation menu for each alert is located within the settings menu under the “Animation settings tab”.

Click settings and open the Animation settings tab

You can also edit animation for each variation from its settings menu.

Raid Tokens for HypeCup

HypeCup now supports Raid alerts as well. Like all HypeCup alerts, you can create as many variations as you like, we already added 3 of them, awesome vikings included.


Subscriber and Follower goal widgets update

Both widgets can now be toggled between simple and bar view. Don’t forget to uncheck “Use simple-design” button if you want to change to bar display.

Both widgets are located in “ Stream Goals” section of the widgets menu.

Subscriber only items

Partners and affiliates, you can now create new items/ edit your existing ones as subscriber only items.

Just check the “Subscriber only” checkbox on the “Item content” screen when creating / editing to enable, save and that’s it.

Subscriber only checkbox is located within “Item content”

Access code items

You can now add Access-code list items in your store.

  • Create a new store item, and mark it as “Access-code list”, notice quantity is greyed out for this item, set name and description as you like
Set Access-code list as item type
  • Add your code list

Additonal settings include:

  • Redeeming this item shows an alert: check it to trigger an alert on your overlay once the item has been redeemed.
  • Make key multiple usage: keys are set to one time redemption by default. If your key is a multiple use one (for example a discount code) check this box.
  • Dispense keys randomly: checking this box will choose a random key.

New ChatBot variable - redeem store item

Store items can now be redeemed with a custom command, with new “$(redeem)” variable (instead of adding !redeem before item command)

To set up the command:

  • Click the edit icon for the store item you wish to assign a command to, make sure “redeemable via chat” is checked, and copy the “item command” name you defined.
  • Go to “Chat commands” menu and click “New command”. Under “Command” field, name it as you like, and set user level according to your preferences.
  • On the “Response” field syntax should be $(redeem yourcommandname), save and you’re good to go!
Victory to be replaced with your “Item command” name
  • We suggest testing the command in your Twitch chat while not streaming.

So there you have it, lots of new exciting updates, hit us on Twitter and tell us which is your favorite.

If you need any assistance, our support staff is waiting on Discord.