We’ve got updates - Random Alerts and Count commands

We’ve added two exciting new features to StreamElements:

  • Random Alerts - create different versions of the same alert, keep it exciting for your viewers!
  • !Count commands and variables - new count commands enables updating your viewers and keeping track of different counts that happen on your stream.

We’ll explain how to use both , but before that, check out the new Alertbox video tutorial. The new video by our own RandomGirlSinging covers alerts from A-Z, including the new Random Alerts’ features tips and tricks you WANT to know.

Random Alerts

Random Alerts are the ultimate way to add more versions to your alerts. Add different variations to the same alert type to mix it up for your viewers, increasing engagement and generating happiness.

How to setup and use Random Alerts:

  • Be sure you’ve added the AlertBox widget to your overlay, from the widgets menu.
Add Alertbox in 3 clicks.
  • Open the Alertbox layer on the left side menu, click the settings icon of the alert you want to edit (Random Alerts works the same for all 5 alert types) followed by the Variations settings button.
Click the edit icon followed by Variations settings
  • In the Variation settings you’ll have the list of existing alerts versions (and the option to add new ones). When the “Pick an alert randomly when more than one matches” box isn’t checked, for each value the oldest alert will be the default one and other alerts will be greyed out.
  • Once the Random Alerts box is checked, alerts with the same value will become active (indicated by text turning to black).
  • Now you can have as many alert variations as you like, for each alert type and amount - go wild.

New Count Commands and variables

We added two new command variables to StreamElements: ${count} and ${getcount}. Use them to create different custom counts as you like (for example: keeping track of your death count, number of toilet breaks per session or whatever you can come up with).

If you need a recap on how Custom commands work, check our Chat Commands video guide.

The ${count} command increases your counter by one and updates your chat. We recommend setting it at user level moderator or above - you don’t want your count to be changed by anyone but you and your trusted mods. Add count by doing the following:

  • Go to Chat commands and click “New command”.
  • Name your command, set user level and response, make sure to use ${count} properly for command to work, see our example below,
Replace “Killed” inside brackets with your counter name
  • That’s it, count is good to go, we suggest testing it in your chat while not streaming to be sure your setup was done correctly.

Now that you have setup your counter, you want to give your viewers the option to check your count themselves: enter GetCount ${getcount}.

  • Start by clicking the “New Command” button just like in the previous example.
  • Name your command, set user level and response as you like. It’s crucial that the name within the brackets matches your count command.
You should have got it by now ;)
  • Your command is good to go, see example:

In addition to the new variables, we added a new default command: !editcounter.

This is a moderator level command that enables you to change the current number in your counter. In order to execute it, type !editcounter followed by counter name and number, see example:

Now when you control the power of Count, use it to further increase viewers engagement! Try mixing it up with our Contest feature, increasing thrill with live updates on your performance.

Tell us what you think about Random alerts and count on Twitter or our Discord.

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